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5 Signs That Say it’s Time to Refresh Your Brand

Since JCR Studios is currently going through a rebrand, as are some of my clients, it seemed fitting to share this information in a post. It’s evolving… watch for the new brand in the upcoming weeks to come!

As entrepreneurs, it’s understandable that the main focus during business start-up is simply the meat and potatoes of running a business. Soon after the doors open, financial resources often are spread thin – and branding is often an afterthought, or not fully understood, and therefore, undervalued. Quite often a design is cheaply and hastily pieced together (I once had a client tell me their design was done by their second cousins sister’s boyfriend) – then that becomes the foundation of your branding. As you grow and try to take your business to the next level, you come across barriers preventing you from standing UP and standing OUT among the crowd, and fully claiming your position in the marketplace.

Does this sound familiar?

Here are 5 signs, or symptoms, that say it’s time to refresh your brand in order to step up your game (and make it a game-changer entirely!) with your business:

    1. You’ve got a case of either: Multiple branding personality syndrome, or zero personality.

      So here’s the thing… some businesses want to be everything to everyone and never EVER want to exclude or limit their range of potential customers or clients for fear that casting a small net would equate to limited sales opportunities. But, by attempting to attract EVERYONE, you become homogenized among others in your industry, and the impact of your messaging will be diluted or lost completely.

      By specifically targeting your ideal customer avatar (ICA), and reflecting the very best of who YOU are, your strengths and syncing your gorgeous personality with your branding, you’ll carve out an exceptionally unique, clear, intelligent brand that will engage people as though you’re speaking their language, directly to THEM. Now that’s the power of branding!

    2. Comparisonitis

      You’re obsessed with comparing yourself to other’s in your industry – and maybe feeling a little envious or left behind. Instead of wishing things were different, take this as a sign to be proactive. Use what you like about your competitors brand to fuel inspiration to develop your own!

      Think: What can you do right now to cultivate and shape your brand, by infusing who you are into your business (photos, new offerings, new angle/perspective etc…) that would excite you AND your customers so much that competition is no longer a factor?

      Isn’t it time to stop comparing and invest in a visual brand that matches your greatness + ambition? 

    3. Customer/Client evolution (change of ICA)

      Every business experiences a natural evolution, and with that growth, sometimes comes a shift of who you’re ideal customer or client is. For instance, if you’ve expanded your products/services or shifted direction, your branding will no longer fully reflect who you are or what you now offer. It’s then important to go back to the basics to determine why you’re offering this and who you’re serving. Then develop a clear visual brand around this.

    4. You’re doing the walk of Logo + Website Shame

      If you’re embarrassed by your branding and are constantly apologizing for your business card or website, it means your visual brand is holding you back. Many entrepreneurs and small businesses come to me seeking rebranding for this very reason: Their brand feels soulless to them.

      Here’s a little guided visual for you: Imagine what it feels like when you’ve had your hair cut and styled, bought a beautiful new outfit with shoes/accessories, and you feel amazing in your body. In that moment, you feel fabulous, confident, and representing the absolute BEST of you… you’re proud, excited, sociable, ready to take on the world!

      THIS is how your visual brand should make you feel!

    5. Your brand isn’t converting

      You’ve got a website but you’re client list is growing at a snail’s pace, you’re hearing crickets on your blog posts, and worst of all… your site isn’t converting sales. If this sounds like you, hang in there – this is common and please don’t take it personally. It’s likely just a sign that you need to upgrade your branding.Is your messaging clear? Does it address your customer’s needs? Does your personality shine through your branding? Here’s a tip: By doing a bit of detective work (namely Google Analytics) you can figure out where visitors spend their time on your site, and for how long, to determine which pages convert. This can provide important information about your customer’s behaviour to determine what’s working and what’s not, on your site. In addition, have you been sharing your message – everyday? Your brand can’t convert into sales if you’re not engaging with people – on social media communities or sending email newsletters. Show up for the people you want to help – and do this consistently. Then watch your conversion rates sky rocket!

If you can relate to any of these signs, consider that rebranding is likely an important next step for you and catalyst towards a better future for your business.

Jacqueline Rimmer
[email protected]
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