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I work with creative entrepreneurs and small businesses to develop authentic online branding and communications that attract ideal clients and convert.
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Hi, I’m Jacqueline.


I’m a branding specialist + consultant, business strategist, web designer, author, mentor and successful entrepreneur.


And I’m here to help savvy n’ smart entrepreneurs, like you, grow their business by consciously cultivating a powerful brand through your unique talents and bring out

the very best of who you are.

Here’s a little background info about me…


Being in the branding and design industry for 17 years has given me the experience and awareness to see the vast difference between a business that invests in developing an authentic brand and converts it into sales VS a business that wastes precious time and money with “just getting by.” Or worse, one that acknowledges it too late and is then forced to close the doors.


I’m not sharing this with you to place fear or use this as a scare tactic to “make a sale”. Not at all. I’m sharing this with you because it’s unnecessary and completely avoidable.


All businesses, from solopreneurs to Fortune 500 companies, are capable of building a powerful brand without breaking the bank, with awareness, the right guidance and education.


This is where my passion comes from for the work I do!

A few years ago, after working several years as a senior designer for corporate agencies, I decided to become an entrepreneur.

I deliberately sought out an area in my industry where there was a gap, where entrepreneurs weren’t getting the support they needed to thrive.

That gap was Branding.


This is partly because some start-ups either don’t understand what “branding” could actually mean for their business, or they don’t have $30K+ to pay an agency.


So there you have it – the reason I’m on a SERIOUS mission to create crystal clear authenticity for entrepreneurs!

When you work with me, we’ll dig deep to develop, create + refine your own sweetly authentic brand, and it’ll make you and your business stand UP + stand OUT in your industry. (that’s the thing about authenticity: you can say ‘buh-bye’ to competition!)

Official Bio

Jacqueline Rimmer is the founder of Your Brand On Fire and JCR Studios. Her passion is working with high-performing women entrepreneurs to create their signature brand to their 6-figure empire. She’s a brand designer, business strategist, consultant and coach.

Jacqueline is a skilled communications specialist for 20 years in the graphic design, web design, and online + offline marketing industries.

Five years ago she was inspired to start her own business specializing in developing online personal brands for entrepreneurs.

For the past two decades, she’s worked with small businesses, 6-7 figure entrepreneur moguls, international advertising agencies, publishing companies, and elearning organizations to facilitate, educate + transform their online and offline marketing environments, messaging, strategy + visual brand.

Her heart-centered mission is to help women entrepreneurs to cultivate their personal brand to become more aligned, authentic + connect deeply with their soul clients.

Non-Biz Fun Facts

  • I’m a Canadian girl, born and raised, now living in beautiful Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.
  • I’m a single mom of two beautiful men, who are 22 and 20 years old and who are my pride n’ joy.
  • I’ve been told by many that I have a gift for curating innovative ideas.
  • I’m an inspired writer, however I often have serious, no, chronic writer’s block that I wish to God there were med’s for!
  • My favourite daily routine is my 7am Hatha yoga class (coupled with a Starbucks Triple Venti Almond Cinnamon Dulce Latte reward).
  • I have a love of travel that began in my early 20’s when my wanderlust took me to 14 different countries between the ages of 22-26. During that time I lived in 3 countries and worked in 6 cities. My next adventure will be to buy a second home in Spain. ¡Olé!
  • I don’t actually have a favourite colour. How could I? Maybe it’s an obsession that can’t be cured but I kind of have a love affair with all of them!

My home. The beautiful Vancouver Island!

My kids are amazing!

Ideas are my thang. Bring on the brainstorming!

Sometimes I see too many pictures to be inspired by the words.

Oh Starbucks latte. Here’s a haiku about you. Triple Venti Soy

Truth: Life is better with Yoga.

My next holiday.

Colour is healing.

red hot Clarity = Connection

Do your best to clearly connect the message of who you are, your story + your “why” in every interaction your client has with you + your business.