Are you building castles on sand? | JCR Studios
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Are you building castles on sand?

You CAN make your dream business + lifestyle a reality even if it hasn’t yet been manifested in physical form. We’re never given any inspiration to co-create with it actually being possible.
But… dreams alone won’t bring what you want to fruition – it must be built on solid ground.
If you’re not seeing the progress you want in your biz then you’ll want to look at the foundational factors needed (or lack thereof) to get there. Such as, and not exclusive to (depending on your industry):

  1. Congruence. Make sure you have the skills to walk your talk. Plain + simply put, you‘ve got to have the integrity to deliver what you promise in your marketing. You don’t always need the education to be an expert but you do need to help your clients get results if you’re a service provider +/or program creator.
  2.  Strategy. There’s no way around it – creating achievable short term + long term objective goals are critical to making what you want, happen.
  3. Passion, baby! Wait… this step is really setting the stage for strategy: Determine your passion + the sexy vision you have of the future! It’ll not only help you focus, it‘ll give you both the fire in your belly + make you accountable to the actions needed to follow through to complete those goals.
  4. Get Support. Make sure to have at least a handful of people around you that know what you’re up to + are in 100% support of you + your vision. These can be business allies, family or friends.
  5. Self-care. Last but not at all at least… listen to the needs of your body, mind + spirit. Do not take this lightly. Self-care means doing what you know you need to do to feel good in your own skin. ❤️

Where do you see you can establish more balance to build a more solid, grounded, thriving business?

Let me know in the comments!


3 Steps to Develop a Beautiful Brand That Converts!

Jacqueline Rimmer
[email protected]
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