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Be Grateful Where You Are

Winding down a hectic workday and crazy work week with this guy. 😍

He’s part of the driving force behind my why, along with his brother.

I’ve been tough on myself this week. #vulnerablemoment

I’ve been beating myself up a bit about where I think I should be at this point in my business and playing the coulda, woulda, shoulda game in my head.

I do know better (it’s something I help my clients with) and I did manage to steer that bully mindset around in my head to a much kinder, loving voice and perspective.

How did I turn it around?

Well apart from simply knowing that it’s futile to expect the past to be different, but how we view it CAN change the emotion & energy around it.

I could say that I wish I had started my online business sooner, when my kids were babies, but let’s just say that I never really had the confidence and so stuck with my comfort zone of a corporate job & freelancing at night when the kidlets were in bed.

Another thing that soothed this “wishing things were different” path I was going down is: I’m glad I didn’t start back then because back then (8+ yrs ago) there really wasn’t a roadmap or guidance from anyone who had succeeded in the online space.

Think of how much value & inspiration you get every single day from pioneering women entrepreneurs who are kicking ass both in their brand as influencers + bank account.

I’m wagering that you also go through moments of wishing you were further along the path too.

And I’m here to say that if it wasn’t for those people that have come before us to work out some of the messy AF challenging aspects of creating a blueprint for a thriving online biz, then things would be one helluva lot harder for us all!

So on this Friday night, & end of the workweek… Let’s raise our glass & be grateful for those who have helped pave our entrepreneurial road a little more smoothly. And to the #Mamapreneurs out there who’s “why” can move mountains  create worlds 🌎 and leave the most powerful legacies for our families.

Your time is coming.

Know that YOU my loves, are perfect just as you are, wherever you are, right now in this moment.

#itsyourtime #makeithappen



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Jacqueline Rimmer
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