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Winding down a hectic workday and crazy work week with this guy. 😍 He’s part of the driving force behind my why, along with his brother. I’ve been tough on myself this week. #vulnerablemoment I’ve been beating myself up a bit about where I think I should be at this point in my business and playing the coulda, woulda, shoulda game in my head. I do know better (it’s something I help my clients with) and I did manage to steer that bully mindset around in my head to a much kinder, loving voice and perspective. How did I turn it around? Well apart from simply knowing that it’s futile to expect the past to be different, but how we view it CAN change the emotion & energy around it. I could say that I wish I had started my online business sooner, when my kids were babies, but let’s just say that I never really had the confidence...