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Choose Happiness

I’m realizing more and more how imperative it is to protect our energy.

This isn’t a news flash for me but I always thought I could get away with being a bit lazy – thinking I was good at bouncing the negative + not taking it on.

As it turns out I’m not special. Lol.

We are all the same in that we need to have the awareness of our own energy barometer + learn the tools to create + maintain it on a daily.
For instance, before I sit down to do my daily brand visioning, I take 10 minutes to meditate and do some creative journalling.
Cuz let’s face it people, with the levels of responsibility that we have + all balls we juggle on a daily as entrepreneurs… if we DON’T have a routine in our arsenal, burnout is going to come + bite us in the ass!

Our energy is precious + a coveted resource.

Fiercely protect it.
Because what does it all come back to?
When we focus on making decisions that feel good and bring us joy, we flourish.
And if we are making decisions that negate our happiness, the core of our well-being… well, that’s everything isn’t it?
My biggest energy suck: When my boundaries are pushed + someone expects more of my time without an equivalent exchange.
Cue: Kids clean the kitchen! 😂 ⠀⠀⠀

What’s your biggest energy suck?
#energysuckers #toolstothrive ⠀⠀⠀






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Jacqueline Rimmer
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