Clarity = brand alignment + $$ +
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Clarity = brand alignment + $$ + <3

You may have skills up the ying-yang but if you don’t know why you’re in business, then you’ll keep feeling stuck and it’ll be virtually impossible to make impact in your biz or even build an authentic brand for that matter.

Back in 2005, I dreamed of having my own full-time business and I had a gem of an idea inspire me. But as a single mama earning only about $50k/year, I was scared + felt unsupported on that path.

I was very clear with what the conditions would have to be in order for me to have the stick-to-itiveness to succeed. 

After 2 attempts within 7 years that proceeded, I found myself tripping over what inspired me to try that was different, plus what I thought I *wanted* to do (oh the pain of being a multi-passionate entrepreneur *sigh*), vs what I was *good* at. 

It took all those years questioning my career multiple times, exploring several career paths, having 2 back-to-back nightmare jobs, to FINALLY get there in 2012!

Ultimately I discovered way back then there’s a MUST-HAVE check-list to gain clarity and to be in alignment in order to build my brand on solid ground as a strong, successful, happy and fulfilled female biz owner. 

This was my must-have list to myself:

  1. You are in business to do what you LOVE + crushing on what you do. (your passion, purpose + possibility!)
  2. You work with the people you LOVE. (your beautiful, ideal customers + clients!)
  3. You hit your income goals + make a huge profit. (that continually expands so that you have the freedom to live your best life AND you can serve more people!)

Does this list resonate with you or stump you?

It may answer some big questions if you’re not where you want to be in your biz. 

Trust me when I say this is constantly a work in progress! You’ll have to acquire some firm boundaries + thick skin along the way to feel you’re achieving these at the level you want.

Like anything that challenges us, my suggestion is always to get the support you need and invest in yourself to make these adjustments with a pro in order to build your biz on some powerful, solid ground to create the foundation you need to grow + ultimately flourish from that place of awareness + authenticity.

I’ve invested $10’s of $1000’s on personal development, coaches, programs + courses during my time as an entrepreneur that have helped me become rock solid in my belief, business + bank account.

As a brand coach, strategist + consultant, I help entrepreneurs do the same.

This month, I’m celebrating expanding my team + biz growth this week. 

And if you’re reading this, you’re officially part of the celebration!!

Come join me!

So… if:

  • you’re being pulled in so many different directions you’ve got chronic whiplash
  • you want to stop wasting time working on projects + with people you don’t align with
  • you’ve become uninspired with your business + suspect you’re not fully connecting with “what” you’re doing or “who” you’re doing it with or even “why” 

… let’s talk!

I’m a brand consultant + coach, life + business strategist, and a designer.

This month, with the expansion of my team, which offers me the ability to work with more clients, give more love + more value… I’m offering some sweet promotions for the month of May.

  1. $500 off both The Flame + The Inferno done-for-you full branding packages.
  2. $200 off my Your Biz Reflects Life strategy + mindset coaching package for 1 month ($400)
  3. $500 off my Your Biz Reflects Life strategy  + mindset coaching package for 3 months ($1300)
  4. $150 off Fearlessly Branding You Consulting Sessions and $400 off a special Done-for-you branding package using Squarespace platform for your 5-page website!


Ahhh, SO much goodness here!

All these are on for a Limited Time + Space.

It’s on for the month of May but we’ve only got space for 20 new coaching + consulting clients, and 20 done-for-you branding clients.

Questions? Happy to answer them!

Either join my group here:


Email me here: [email protected]

And if you haven’t worked with me + you’re curious to know what the fuss is all about… book a clarity session on my home page!

Jacqueline    xx


3 Steps to Develop a Beautiful Brand That Converts!

Jacqueline Rimmer
[email protected]
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