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Coaching to Amplify

Coaching to Amplify

Make no mistake, coaching will help you get the BEST out of YOU.

I’ve had several coaches over the years and one thing is true… I kick ass when I have a coach. 

But alas I’m a stubborn woman.

A few years ago, I was contemplating hiring another coach but I was gearing up to launch some new programs. My expenses were adding up, and to save money I thought “Naw, I’ll “woman-up” and coach myself”.

I pushed hard and refused to give up. I truly believed that I didn’t need the external support to get those programs completed and launched.

My gawd… I was shocked at the amount of harsh internal daily dialogue. I consider myself an aware person but wow, I self-sabotaged myself like crazy for months!

It was a humbling tough lesson that took me a year to realize how wrong I’d been – and how much VALUE + support a coach is in business!

So YES… even Coaches NEED Coaches!

It’s virtually impossible to do it on your own.

Fast forward to this weekend… I woke up yesterday feeling SO grateful for all the incredible things that are happening in my business + life.

And I want to share those vibes of abundance, gratitude and flow with you in a *WEEKEND FLASH SALE*!

It’s expiring in a few hours!

Here’s what I’m offering to all you powerful ladies who ready to step into it like a game of double-dutch…

A 60-min “Be Like Bey” brand + biz strategy + consulting session for $60! (Reg. $297)

It will help you get clear on your next steps with your brand + business, such as:

Create an idea to sell and monetize immediately

Gain confidence to expand to the next level + beyond

Build your brand authority as an expert

Learn to have a deeper relationship with your ideal customers + clients

Realign to your business goals

Understand your self-sabotage + steps to eliminate it

And… Feel like you’re on fire in your biz + life after our session!

Again – this is only on offer THIS WEEKEND and it expires tonight! 11:59pm PST.

Get the support + mentorship you need, gorgeous!

We’re all in this together + I’m here to help.


3 Steps to Develop a Beautiful Brand That Converts!

Jacqueline Rimmer
[email protected]
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