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Are you doing what you love?

Ever been in a place where you’re compromised with your career – where you’re either doing a job or biz you don’t enjoy because doing what you love is seemingly too great of a risk, or maybe you’re still not “quite” sure what you want to do within the framework of your business?

It’s soul-sucking, isn’t it?

It’s like… every day the message gets a little louder until you have NO CHOICE but to make the shift.

I spent many years battling with myself over what I wanted to do as a career. I was always looking for the BIG neon signs that would give me certainty of my direction.

But that never happened.

I could NEVER seem to settle on anything for like, over a decade. I had so many passions + I kept being pulled in a million different directions, + I KNEW my compass had to be my heart.

After a while, I got tired of “listening + waiting”. (Know the feeling?)

I eventually had several a-ha moments and one of them was a suggestion. My friend said “commit” to ONE thing. They said try it on… give it 6 months. I was hesitant but it felt right + I was ready to try anything at that point in my life.

Once I became committed to ONE thing that I “liked a lot” (that was my barometer at the time), things started shifting, orchestrating + coming together to make it a reality.

But whatever you do… if you know in your heart of hearts what you want – Do NOT settle. Don’t cave, or be led astray from outside influences. Listen to your own gut, then set your intentions and DOOO it!

If you want greater clarity around your biz + brand alignment + influence. Concerned that upcoming offerings or programs may not be in alignment – I’m your woman!

This work is near + dear to my 💙 AND… I have an exciting promo on now!

So… let’s have a quick free 30 min clarity session so I can share ALL that’s possible for you + what I offer!

or if you’re ready to jump in with both feet for 90 mins – let’s get you moving forward + back in action, shall we?


Jacqueline  xx


3 Steps to Develop a Beautiful Brand That Converts!

Jacqueline Rimmer
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