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Every Level of Success Requires a Different Brain Power

Something I never really thought about until a couple years ago is that every level of success in our business requires us to be a different woman. To think differently, to behave differently in order to achieve greater, improved and desired results.

I kept wondering… how on earth does one get out of our own way to become that better version?

I felt like I was maxed out with the amount of personal and professional development programs I’ve taken over 15+ years. So I wasn’t sure what the “next level” was.

I recently noticed that one of my clients created a program to help coaches and leaders transform their own personal & professional growth using neuroscience and how to better our impact with our own clients through our own coaching methods & techniques using and understanding neuroscience.

Seeing the profound potential impact this can make in people’s businesses and lives, I saw that as the missing piece to the puzzle that I’ve been looking for and how I want to show up for my clients.

I’m taking Shonté Jovan Taylor’s  Optimind Neuroscience Coach & Leadership Training program now and now I completely understand where my own habits and self sabotage tendencies have been, and how to shift that to up level by efficiently using my brain.

“Not being who we are is literally sucking our energy. You’re exhausted because you’re not living your truth! Do what you’re designed to do here!”
– Shonté Jovan Taylor, Neuroscientist + Mindset Success Catalyst

I can’t say enough about the amazing Shonté Jovan Taylor. She’s my mentor and the creator of the OptiMinders Neuroscience Course.

I’m excited to say that soon I’ll be adding “Certified Neurocoach” to my toolkit to help deepen the impact for my clients and transform their business + brand by Bettering their Mind, their Brain, their Impact. 🔥

Exciting times to have this scientific and well researched truth be part of our new awareness my friends.

What are you doing to block yourself from being truly authentic, AND what steps are you taking to shift it + get out of your own way?



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