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How can you show up fully everyday

I dare you to show up 100% every single day in your biz for 7 days and watch how things shift.
Seriously, try it!
Many confuse showing up 100% with our own indoctrinated judgement of working our arses off to the point of exhaustion.
To me, having 100% daily commitment means:
 Choosing activities that will move you forward in the pursuit of your dreams

 Starting day off with meditation, journaling, yoga, running, petting your cat… whatever helps you to have a clear mind

 Staying focussed on your intentions throughout your day

 Not buying into the BS excuses that you give yourself that prevent you from moving forward (or beating yourself up for that matter if you do happen to self-sabotage)
I mean, if you’ve overworked yourself and feeling drained, you’re in need of balance, so showing up 100% could mean sleeping in and spending half your day re-fueling your body with a nutritious meal & exercise. Essentially, nurturing yourself.
This week I injured my back and I haven’t been able to do all the things I had intended.
Did I beat myself up? Maybe a little – but I’m learning to be easier on myself with achieving daily goals.
For me today, I woke up completely energized and my back is 90% healed – as a result I almost completed a long time goal and it felt fantastic!
What does showing up 100% look like for you today? Share with me in the comments!



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Jacqueline Rimmer
[email protected]
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