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Rebranding = Alignment

For many years, I’ve been coaching entrepreneurs on how to keep up with staying true to who they are + who they’re becoming + how to be in alignment with their brand + biz goals.

Because guess what? We personally change + grow + evolve just like our business.

We’re the pioneers + creators of our business + personal brand so it’s a natural progression that we occasionally find ourselves at a crossroads, feeling called to pivot in another direction – either in a small or in a BIG way.

Like all transitions, they can feel isolating, confusing + daunting – particularly if there’s any amount of internal doubt. And the longer we grapple with this results in some form of self-sabotage which can easily block our business success.

In my (+ my clients) experience, getting the support needed to move through this reinvention/rebranding phase is critical. #notfearmongoring

Whether it’s through a coach like myself or a like-minded business peer — if we don’t take the time to process thru this, it can manifest into many problems… from no longer attracting your soul clients… to lacking clarity + confidence… to impacting your sales.

And who wants to sit in fear, scarcity + limbo?


You already have what it takes inside you for your business to thrive + shift + expand as quickly as possible.

If you’re in this reinvention mode, we need to talk!

If you feel out of alignment with your business – it’s ok, you’re not a freak of nature (not the bad kind anyway ) we all do at some point!

People will call this Up Leveling and it is… but a process of reinvention then a rebrand is in order for you to get into alignment with your business so that YOU + your SOUL CLIENTS can feel congruent with your business.

THAT’s what sells.


But it does need to be addressed before it overwhelms + effects you + your business!

Doing this work will save you weeks, months, possibly years of feeling stuck, you’ll be on your way to making sustainable biz growth.

Get the business strategy, support + mentorship you need to get clear on your next steps to redesign + launch your new rebrand with my new break-free sessions: The Art of Rebranding + Reinvention!

In our 90 min session, we will co-create massive shifts through:

• Letting go of resistances: Understand your self-sabotage + steps to eliminate it

• Gain confidence to expand to the next level + beyond

• Defining + claiming your vision + impact: Realigning to your business goals

• Determine what makes you stand out (your unique selling proposition) with the look + feel, the words, the colors, the photos – oh my!

• How to unveil your rebrand + reintroduce yourself into your marketplace

• Sharing your journey + creating a narrative to market yourself with ease

• Tips to build your brand authority as an expert

And… during these sessions the inspiration is off the charts!

When there’s time, there’s SO much high flying energy that we sometimes end up creating quick monetizable offerings that can be implemented in a flash so you can hit the ground running!

These are one of my most coveted sessions with my clients – and it’s the first time I’ve brought these sessions + system to the public.

After countless reinventions myself over the past 10 years in business, I’m SO passionate about this work!

I would LOVE to work together to move you through this transitional period with as much ease, joy + inspiration as possible! ❤️

(on for a VERY limited time – $197 for 60 mins / Reg. $397)


3 Steps to Develop a Beautiful Brand That Converts!

Jacqueline Rimmer
[email protected]
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