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Stop Actively Sabotaging Your Own Work

Just imagine how much you’d get done if you stopped actively sabotaging your own work.
– Seth Godin

Since awareness is the first step to any problem…
What’s your biggest self-sabotage with getting your brand seen + heard?

Everyone has it so no need to hide it. #zeroshame

But the issue is…
You’re in business to create, share, sell + make impact AND bank.

I’m pretty sure you know this, so what’s the hold up?

Even though you have a purpose that deeply calls you to make an impact, you know damn well this is also for YOU, yet you remain on that hamster wheel of not showing up in pursuit of what you want.

Can you see the disconnect + resistance?

You’re aware of your self-sabotage yet it still continues to be in control, hijacking your dreams, making you crazy on a daily when your to-do list with all of your brilliant ideas is left unchecked at the end of the day.

I struggled with this for years + some days I still catch myself.

I want so much to help you shift this pattern to instead feel clear-minded, productive and enthusiastic about your business!

My biggest sabotage? (With full disclosure + vulnerability here)
Been overwhelmed by a multitude of powerful ideas + never feeling I have the time to implement.

That said, there’s a few things I actively do to gain clarity + inspired action.

I get clear on my day using tools such as:

+ Meditation (15 mins)
+ Journaling (clears monkey mind!)
+ Schedule it!
+ Content Creation builder (I use Trello)


– I have an accountability partner⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
– I work with a coach⠀⠀
– I connect with other entrepreneurs socially

I could add others but these are the most important game-changers in place that help keep both my mindset + my daily forward action + behaviours in check.

Let me help you shift from feeling paralyzed + indecisive to feeling clear-minded, liberated, + so enthusiastic about your biz, all you’ll see is opportunity + your ability to shine!

Because your biz can’t grow if you don’t trust your next move forward.

If you’re serious about replacing self-sabotage + overwhelm with inspired action on those influential, money-making, back burner projects…

Check out my 90 min Magic, Mojo, + Money Sessions!

It’s going to save you weeks, months, years… make you money, eliminate sweat/stress/tears + get your sparkly idea packaged + launched faster than you ever imagined!

** $100 off for the month of May – to celebrate all the Mamapreneurs for Mother’s Day! **


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Jacqueline Rimmer
[email protected]
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