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If you’re feeling the hella uncomfortable squeeze of things not working out for you, look closely + do some inner reflection. If you’re stuck + twisted up in knots, not sure how to move forward, it’s a clear sign it’s time to reinvent yourself. That doesn’t have to be a scary thing. What’s more scary is not taking action and the universe having to drag you by the hair to your next destination. “Every time you reinvent yourself, you will be a fuller and better woman for it.“ - Katie Mitchell Hall I get it though… Uncertainty can be stressful as hell. But this is the cycle of life. It’s part of the ebb + flow. And… Cracking us open, to set fire to much of what we know or knew to be true, to clear the path for something that‘s in alignment with WHO YOUR SOUL IS TRYING TO BECOME is worth it - and necessary. It’s...

It’s time to let go of her. The woman inside that you’ve been up until now. The one that has survived tsunami‘s, heartbreak, skinned knees, self-betrayal by settling for crumbs… and everything else in between. It’s time to allow a new woman to emerge. One where you need YOU, more than you need them. Where you allow the raw prickliness of vulnerability to take the lead. Where you burn it all down to the ground to release the toxic relationships, thinking small, debilitating perfectionism, and weak boundaries that leave you exhausted time and time again. One day you discover you’re resilient AF. You’ll begin to rebuild your life + business on the warm ashes + wisdom of your past. Cultivating powerful new growth on solid ground. Soul, you are ready.💛🔥...

I was purging + rummaging through old photos yesterday and found this. My son was just born and my then photographer husband requested an impromptu pose to test a new innovative way to photograph people in the studio: digital! It was 1995 and it was a brand new invention + technology at the time where film was still being used in the industry. ie. you couldn’t see the photograph you’d just taken. I remember thinking that it was an amazing invention that was finally in the consumers hands! And the coincidence was I was also reinventing myself as the GIRL who I knew I was at the time vs the WOMAN I knew I had to be in order to be the mom I wanted to be for this beautiful boy. It was a pivotal time in my life that help me to gather strength for my next phase… being a single mama of...