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Web Sales Conversion Tag

This hot topic is one of my favs because it’s all about how your brand can convert into money for you. And don’t we ALL wanna make more of the good stuff? Have you ever put blood, sweat and tears into creating an offering, written an ebook, sent a newsletter, or built a website, expecting to receive rave feedback, only to hear crickets after you’ve proudly launched it out into the world? It sucks, I know. But ever wonder why that happens? Here’s a quick story to explain… When I made the transition from my corporate job to my online business a few years ago, I learned this the hard way (visualize mild kicking, flailing and screaming). Even though I felt I was ahead of the curve with already having a background in branding and marketing, running my own business “online” seemed completely daunting. I figured I’d do what I knew best – to create....