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Potent, bite-sized courses for the creative entrepreneurs + self-starters

For start-ups and folks who are rebranding on a budget.


I know you want to get it all done… like, yesterday. I get it.


Things like… a brand platform, color + typeface palettes, logo, planning your website design, funnels, marketing strategies… oy-vey!


I know the to-do list is HUGE when you’ve got to get yourself seen + heard – not to mention make an impact online.


I’m making this exciting new group of smaller, bite-sized digital courses that can get you started right away! It may take you less time to complete each of these, and it may cost you less money than most courses, but that doesn’t mean less value.


Heck no. I’m a 20-year brand + web designer, marketing strategist + consultant. I’ve got A LOT to share (can’t you tell by the ridiculous number of courses?) and I can’t wait for you to part of this community!

I work with savvy, smart entrepreneurs like you, who want nothing more than to explode their business online – like, TODAY.

Don’t you notice that the problem is, even though you have a calling to share your epic message and vision, you don’t have the confidence, clarity or know-how to market, develop and design a swoon-worthy visual brand that’s YOU?

You DON’T want to settle.

You want a brand that will knock the fricking socks off of your ideal soul clients + customers!

It IS possible to create a thriving business that you love without breaking the bank or selling your first born – by building a personal brand backed with a clear, confident vision, that gets you noticed and positions you as an expert in your industry AND converts into sales.


But to make that happen, you need guidance from a branding specialist who knows how.

These Do-It-Yourself (DIY) courses are for creative entrepreneurs who are self-starters and comfortable with flying ‘solo’ on projects with guided course material. They have the time, patience and welcome a potential learning curve. (Yeah, you know who you are!) If this triggers anxiety in you wondering how you can do it on your own, well, that’s precisely why I created them for you!

Instead of an overwhelming + massive 8 week, $2-3k+ business program packed with either redundant content you don’t need or stuff you don’t end up using – these are filled with practical, no BS, straightforward guidance, chunked out into the most necessary and requested topics.

Once each course has launched, you can access it immediately.

Plus, you’re included in The DIY Collective Facebook Group that allows you direct access to me and ask me any question you want! I’ll also be regularly doing Bonus Lives right in the group for popular questions or requests.

Take a peek below for a list of upcoming courses or head over to The DIY Collection course page to view what’s available now + what’s coming up next!

To be released in 2019

You’ll create a:

  • brand platform
  • custom keywords
    And visual basics to set the tone + vibe – informing all your communications, such as:
  • a colour palette
  • typeface palette

** Priced for a limited time

To be released in 2019

In this program, you’ll learn that there’s power behind a plan.

Whether you choose to DIY it or hire a developer, designer, VA or a marketing strategist – there’s a lot of things to consider with website development that most people don’t ever consider.

This is a working, proactive guide to help you build a clear, cohesive plan and strategy from a practical + foundational place. You’ll gain the confidence + clarity to implement your new high-level content into your website framework of choice.

** Early Bird Price for a limited time (Reg. $697)

To be released in 2019

Whether you’re new to WordPress or an intermediate with the platform, you’ll learn some basic + some not so basic essentials + tips.

I’ll show you how to:

  • Install a theme + plugins
  • Build a simple single page with text + images
  • Create a blog post
  • Update WordPress

** Priced for a limited time

To be released in 2019

Whether you’re new to Squarespace or you’re familiar with the platform but want a refresher, you’ll learn some basics + some not so basic essentials + tips.

I’ll show you how to:

  • Choose a template
  • Set-up your website (admin basics)
  • Build a simple website with text + images
  • Create a blog post
  • Add a shop page integration – and more…

** Priced for a limited time

To be released in 2019

We’ve probably all made a vision board at some point and once it was done we tossed in a closet and forgot about it. Am I right?

I love vision boards. The last 2 I made, everything on it came to fruition (which I may share with you in a Live within this program). If they’re designed with purpose + laser-focused intention, they can be very useful – especially as a brand clarity + business visioning tool. Some call these mood boards but these particular layouts, contain much more than visual brand elements to help you embody your dream brand, business + lifestyle! This will be an upcoming paid VIP Day + Masterclass.

** Priced for a limited time

**Want a DIY Branding Design Support Session with me?

Special price for this custom one-on-one support. ($99 for 60 mins)

*Only for The DIY Collection customers*