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The process of becoming

The process of becoming

I was purging + rummaging through old photos yesterday and found this. My son was just born and my then photographer husband requested an impromptu pose to test a new innovative way to photograph people in the studio: digital!

It was 1995 and it was a brand new invention + technology at the time where film was still being used in the industry. ie. you couldn’t see the photograph you’d just taken.

I remember thinking that it was an amazing invention that was finally in the consumers hands! And the coincidence was I was also reinventing myself as the GIRL who I knew I was at the time vs the WOMAN I knew I had to be in order to be the mom I wanted to be for this beautiful boy.

It was a pivotal time in my life that help me to gather strength for my next phase… being a single mama of 2 boys + an freelance entrepreneur.

You know you’ve been called to show up differently in moments of transition to change your life – and you don’t have to hit rock bottom to get the message.

If you know yourself, you see the signs when you’ve been given the opportunity to rise and shift to evolve in becoming the new woman you‘re meant to be. I see this particularly in business. Shifts, uplevels and changes are a given as entrepreneurs with personal brands. Our internal world has no choice but to reflect in our outer world + in our brand.

Make no mistake – this evolution is a good thing. There is a greater, more authentic self that better defines who you REALLY are inside you for both personal + business reasons.

And since your perception of you and your life is everything… It’s important to recognize when it’s time to grow and no longer settle for a business, brand, situations, ways of doing things, or people you surround yourself with, that inadvertently produces mediocre results.

I’m going through a profound personal transition + call to reinvent ALL THE THINGS right now! It’s an exciting but very intense time.

And it happens to be about the 6th massive *do-over/reinvention* that I’ve gone through. 

I’ll eventually share my story, especially with this last transformation, in another post and in my upcoming coaching program that I’m developing. It’s a doozy. I’ve had lots of a-ha moments, developed methodologies and designed tools that I’ve used myself with great success to support those of you who are looking for solutions through your own transformation and realignment.

If you’re going through a major transition and rebrand right now, I want to hear from you… either in the comments or send me a message! 

What is the most challenging thing when going through this change in biz and life? Support? Too much of a distraction? Confusion?

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