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What does it mean to declare your own independence

Yesterday I was flying across the country, back from one of my longest working holiday experiences – it got me thinking about how we claim our own independence.

Where we’re at politically in the world, and particularly as women, we’re at a place for the first time in history where we can actually + truly redefine what freedom + sovereignty means to us.

We’re coming to terms with our global history (HER-story  ), + rewriting the script.

My own history is this. I’ve always been a free spirit. Growing up, my parents had us traveling regularly to our lakeside cottage + as a busy family of eight, we enjoyed road trips + the adventure of driving cross country to visit relatives every year.

Then, as a young adult – after a serious + toxic long term relationship – I decided my healing could be found through embracing my independence + freedom. It took me to 14 different countries between the ages of 22-26, where I lived in 3 countries and worked in 6 cities.

Once I had children – I ended up raising them solo (their dad lives in Australia – we’re in Canada), which has been the biggest challenge of my independence to date. Believe me, I clung onto certain family ideals for a loooong time – as I lost hope + it was no easy task.

From there my ability to tap into my independence continued with starting my own business in 2008 and another in 2012. I wanted so badly to be the kind of mom that could stay at home + earn a living while maximizing our family time.

Am I a fearless at taking ownership of my independence? No.

But I do thrive on freedom – which is a natural extension.

In fact, I see a pattern in my own desire to have that independence… that sovereignty – and I see it with my coaching clients.

Every time I go through a significant challenge, it’s a reinvention + an up level that calls me to redefine where I can deepen my alignment with my own sovereignty.

We all have a decision to make about what we want to declare our independence from.

What is it for you? What/whom do you need to declare your independence from?

What are you gripping onto so tightly with your finger nails, hoping that it’s going to work but it’s clear there’s much needed changes?

-> Relationships that no longer serve you or healing to move forward in a healthy way?

-> Stuck patterns?

-> Limiting beliefs

-> Maybe a location/place

-> Overall significant life changes

What’s no longer serving you in your highest good?

This transitionary time is huge. If you have an inkling you need to shift, take a piece of paper and write out the “what” and the “why” around what that is for you.

Now… the 2nd part to declaring your independence process is: Grieving the story behind of “what could have been”.

It’s not an easy process but on the other side of it is Liberation.

There’s always a loss + a gain when processing what doesn’t serve us.

Moving into the dark to get to the light.

We have to process the pain to get to the progress… the healing.

Until we look at what’s broken… what’s not working… we cannot grow.

Give yourself permission to heal by making the decision to release + make shifts to engage your independence.

I’m going through this call to action right now.

How about you??

What aspects or area of your life or business needs you to take the ship by the helm and step up or let go?

Where can you declare your independence?

Because of my experience of bucking the system, embracing independence throughout my life + reinventing myself completely so many times, I’ve created a 3-6 month business + life coaching program called Phoenix Rising.

If you’re interested in learning more – check it out here!




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