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You are one decision away

Not happy with how life is showing up?

What is it for you?

Your career? A relationship? Your physical or emotional health? Your finances? A greater sense of fulfillment?

Only YOU can change it, gorgeous.

Quit waiting for someone to rescue you or for some other event to happen before you think you can affect change.

‘Cuz that’s just fear of the unknown + an excuse that disempowers you into believing you need something outside of yourself to have what you want.

Let me tell you something…

If you’re thinking about change + it’s showing up in your thoughts daily…

There’s NO time to deliberate. That’s a sign to act now!

Truth is, all it takes to start is one decision then one small action.

I can’t tell you the # of times I‘ve gone thru transitions, up levels + reinvention… possibly every couple years! Yup. I have loads of experience with the rebirthing process.

So I guess it stands to reason that my favourite thing in the world is helping women define who they want to show up as + reclaim their power in one or all areas of their life including their business!

This is my purpose.

I’ve always seen people as being completely unlimited + I want to support women entrepreneurs to recognize, reclaim, reinvent + rebrand themselves.

Isn’t it about time we have that fundamental (+ foundational) clarity + support to confidently engage + make decisions from a healthy, grounded place our own lives?

Instead of fear making ill-informed knee-jerk reactionary choices… Or worse — not making any decision or change at all. (and doesn’t it always seem to bite us in the ass, boo?)

Making decisions that transform our lives for the good is what living a fulfilled, purpose-driven life is all about.

I have a brand new program: Phoenix Rising, for those of you who want to build a new foundation, new authority in biz, and a new you! ❤️

PM me.


3 Steps to Develop a Beautiful Brand That Converts!

Jacqueline Rimmer
[email protected]
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