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You CAN Have it ALL This Summer

What would happen if you flipped the bird to your ego + the belief that you can’t enjoy your summer while making bank + impact?

Make no mistake. Keeping your business from growing only means that your ego is winning.

Yes, comfort zones + summer time is synonymous for many.

But tell me… why can’t we have it all?

If you’re an ambitious entrepreneur + you’re done with living life as it is now + you want to make your dreams A MUST but you also don’t want to compromise your summer fun – then it’s well worth the fight!
(cue Rachel Patton’s “Fight Song”)

But… you’ve GOT to show up differently, gorgeous.

Einstein had it right when he said his famous wise words:

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over + over again + expecting a different result.”

Are you changing your behaviour + seeing results?

Are you showing yourself + the world a new YOU in order to unapologetically live the biz + life you dream of?
While learning to become a neuroscience coach last year I discovered why we stop ourselves + the meaning behind our behaviours + emotions. Now I see how much control we have over our brain + that reprogramming it is not only possible, it’s imperative if we want to experience true freedom + power in our life.

Here’s an opportunity to heat up the summer by exploring how to make significant shifts in your physical, mental + emotional space to thrive in your business + life…

…And to generate your hottest sales this year…

Come grab one of my Summer SOUL-stice Sessions now!

Together we’ll work on:
-> your brand positioning,
-> who you are in the marketplace
-> creating a daily life map + schedule that lights you up! 

Plus, get the strategy, support + mentorship you need to Get Clear on your next steps to, Be Visible, Gain Brand Authority, + Make the Money YOU Deserve!

Ready to have more fun, clarity, mojo + momentum?

It’s a Limited Time Offer – get in on it now before the special price ends!

$97 (Reg $297) for a 60 min brand strategy consult + life coaching with moi!⠀


3 Steps to Develop a Beautiful Brand That Converts!

Jacqueline Rimmer
[email protected]
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