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Your Biz + Bod Health is Inextricably Linked

Meeting my health, and by extension, my biz, head on this week.

I’m going, what may seem as off-topic here. Buuuut… It’s Sunday ☀ and it’s actually very relevant to my brand and my business.

If you’ve been following me a while you may know that I’ve had some ups + downs with my immune system + weigh loss.

I’ve been pretty obsessed with health + wellness since I was a child. From wishing I had slimmer thighs by the age of 7, to begging my mother to allow my dinners to consist of tunafish salad (like hers) to lose weight, with fond memories of trips to the health food store to devour #allthecarob & fresh yogurt, to then surviving the calorie-restricting, NutraSweet obsessed ‘80’s.
The 90s was spent learning all about whole, organic foods and basically making everything from scratch for me and my family.
10 years ago, after experiencing migraines for years, I discovered how living an alkaline lifestyle (& diet) boosts immune, overall health + reduced migraines.
Part of me has been thinking I should have it figured out.
But isn’t that sometimes the way?
Just when you think you have it cased, you suddenly realize it’s something entirely different-?
What’s important is everything is a breadcrumb leading toward the next level of solutions – in biz or health. But especially when it comes to health because our healthcare systems around the world have become such a confusing dichotomy + tug-of-war between natural health and allopathic, much of it is jumping down the rabbit hole of self-health google research, self-diagnosis & trial and error treatment.
I’ve just pulled back the curtain of what I think is the most systemic health issue I have along with apparently most people: Leaky gut syndrome.
I’ve made a few minor changes this week + I’m already feeling fantastic! Now my body is beginning to process foods more efficiently, I feel lighter, less brain fog + I have a ton of energy!
Since our health has a huge impact + reflection on our business + brand, we must make it a priority.
In what way are you taking care of your health because it has a noticeable impact?

I’d love to hear – let me know in the comments!





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